Our Story

The name Tecolote is very special to my family.  I spent my summers as a child playing in the Tecolote Creek in northern New Mexico. My father built by hand our family cabin there 45 years ago. On the banks of the Tecolote, his dream was to have a place where our family could go and unwind from the busyness of life.  Near the Tecolote we found simplicity, serenity, and the purist forms of nature.

Simplicity, serenity, and pure nature are core to the Tecolote Soap Company.  I began producing products for my family and friends that used all natural ingredients paired with essential oils and clays that promoted health and healing for our skin.  The results were incredible!  More friends, and friends of friends, began requesting my products, which led to the birth of the Tecolote Soap Company.

Here at the Tecolote Soap Company you will find 100% certified essential oils, natural earth clays, and organic additives in all of our All Natural Soaps, Therapeutic Bath Salts, Mineral Body Scrubs, Goat Milk Lotion, and Foot Care products.  All of our soaps have an organic goat milk base. Our Artisan Soaps use 100% natural fragrance blends along with the highest form of colorants, while still featuring our amazing organic goat milk base.  

 The Tecolote Soap Company gives you products that are more than just soap, more than just clean and exfoliated skin. Our products give your skin healing and vibrancy!



Tecolote (Spanish) – owl; one who watches over